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College Counseling for the Student-Athlete

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College Counseling for the Student-Athlete

College Counseling for the Student-Athlete

Our comprehensive package is designed to allow you to take advantage of all of our services at one low price. All of our Promise Package benefits are included as well as the additional services listed here:

✓ Recruiting Process: We guide student-athletes and their families through the college athletic recruiting and application process to identify programs that are the best fit for both the “student” and the “athlete.” So whether the goal is earning an athletic scholarship or using a sport to gain entrance to the school of your choice, we will help you make informed choices as we navigate together the process of college selection, finding financial aid, and the best use of family resources toward enrichment/development programs.

✓ Financial Aid: No matter how much effort you puts in on the field, college is still expensive. The great news is that there are scholarships for academics, in fact there is over $46 billion in free scholarship money awarded each year by the Department of Education and individual colleges. This is the reason that we focus on the ‘a’ in athletics and align it with the ‘a’ in academics. In this vein, we will complete your FAFSA form for you for the first year of college and provide scholarship opportunity lists that are based on merit, not financial need. This will be crucial if your top school doesn’t provide you with adequate funding in the form of athletic scholarships.

✓ Middle School through High School: With the expansion of athletic recruiting into social media channels and online communications, many recruiters will begin scoping out prospective athletes as early as middle school. It is important to know how to handle this without losing focus on school work and long term academic goals. We will help answer your questions about recruiting etiquette and evaluate your college priorities, academic record, athletic achievements, and major/ career interests.

✓ An Athlete’s Future: Student-athletes often get tunnel vision and equate their athletic career with their future. Unfortunately, only a very small fraction of college athletes go on to play professionally, so we will work with you to help plan an alternative career path. We offer the YouScience Profile™, a program that helps you discover what you’re wired to do well, selects the best majors to reach your goals, and charts a path to your ideal career. YouScience uses a proprietary process to match college majors and career options with your aptitudes and interests giving you confidence to make some of life’s most important decisions.


✓ Academic Eligibility: The NCAA and NAIA require a certain GPA and a corresponding ACT/ SAT score for student eligibility. We can help you understand and meet academic eligibility requirements. Included in this package is our online prep program for either the standard ACT or SAT, as well as guidance on which tests to take and when to take them.

✓ Marketing Yourself: We help you learn the keys to marketing yourself towards colleges and coaches as well as communicating with them, helping you with your college application and essays. We utilize an Essay Strategy format that we have spent years developing that will set you application apart from those submitted by the thousands of other applications they are competing with. We will also assist you with one essay from start to finish and give you guidance on creating a highlight video.

✓ Unlimited Support: You can contact us as often as you want to ask your questions without fear of additional costs. We encourage meetings in person and by telephone.

Promise Package benefits also included:
✓ Admissibility and Affordability
✓ Expected Family Contribution Calculation
✓ College Matching
✓ Middle and High School Preparation
✓ YouScience Profile™
✓ Finding Scholarships
✓ ACT and SAT Prep
✓ Essay Strategy
✓ FAFSA Form Completion

“Truly solving one of the largest financial events your family will face.”

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