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Parros College Essay Strategy

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Parros College Essay Strategy

Parros College Essay Strategy

Many students view the college admissions essay as a stressful, defeating experience and are at a loss of what to write or how to write it. College admission officers want to get the insider's guide to why you want to attend their college and what you will offer the school, they want to learn what makes you-you.

With admissions officers reading, at times more than 2,000 essays each year, they have a limited time to spend with each essay. Sometimes, with an average of just two minutes spent on each essay,your essay should showcase your unique voice.

Here are some of the questions you will need to consider when thinking about your essay:

Does the school use their essay to determine if you will be a good fit for their campus and curriculum?
Does the school want to see the student's creativity and originality that separates him from other applicants?
Is the college seeking to admit students who have overcome challenges, showed leadership skills, or found themselves and their career path?

Let us help you get your strategy for essay writing correct , we can show you how to structure your essay.

This package includes developing your overall college essay strategy based on the colleges you are applying to and also one essay from start to finish.

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