Expert Instruction

In any test prep course, taking practice tests is a must. But how do you review and learn?

ePrep courses feature expert video instruction, available to you whenever and wherever - day or night, at home or on the road. It’s like having your own private tutor right next to you, guiding your progress every step of the way.

Simulate Real Conditions

If the SAT and ACT tests were administered online, it might make sense for you to complete practice tests online - but they aren’t.

Easy as One...

Start your ePrep course by downloading and printing a practice test.


Take the test under timed conditions.


By simulating the real test environment, you'll be better prepared to maximize your score.

Test Grading

Immediately grade and score your test in the Exam Room.

Understand Your Answers

Every test you take "lives" online in an ePrep exam room where you can:

  1. Enter your answers
  2. Grade your test
  3. Begin your video review

Score Big

Enter your test answers, hit “submit,” and immediately receive your score!

What’s Your Score?

ePrep highlights all correct, incorrect and skipped answers and displays a projected score.

Detailed Video Review

Watch detailed videos from a test preparation expert.

See How You Did

ePrep visually shows you which question you missed and the correct answer. Quickly launch the video explanation right next to the question.

Know More

Each test question is cross-referenced to the underlying subject lesson represented, so you can also play the lesson video in the same video window.

Answers Explained

You can watch detailed video explanations for every single test question in every course.

Showing vs. Telling

Demonstration improves learning and problem solving by 300%*.

You can use your senses.

By engaging both your eyes and ears while demonstrating how to solve test problems, ePrep magnifies your learning and understanding.*

We’re efficient.

Most online courses and books force students to "read" the answer and fall short of teaching.

Watch. Replay. Understand.

Students can pause, rewind and watch each video explanation over and over.

We explain just like real tutors would.

ePrep experts answer the questions in the same "pencil and paper" environment you'll be limited to on a test day. (You don't get a whiteboard or scratch paper, so why should the instructor?)

Adapts to Your Needs

Our Study Hall features over 100 subject lesson videos and tracks your progress so you know exactly where to focus.

Say What?

Other test prep courses simply have you take one diagnostic test to determine your strengths and weaknesses. That’s insane!

Strengthen Your Weaknesses

ePrep monitors your progress throughout your course and recommends specific subject lessons to review.

Learn From Your Mistakes

The Study Hall even shows you which test questions you missed for each specific subject lesson.

Build Your Vocabulary

All ePrep courses include WordSmith, a powerful and interactive tool that will systematically help you build your vocabulary for test day and beyond.

Always Different

Features over 1,400 common SAT/ACT test words.

Practice Well!

Sort words into knowledge lists, review them using electronic flash cards, and test your knowledge through customized multiple-choice or true-false tests.

Friendly Competition

Challenge your friends online to beat your WordSmith Challenge high score.

Guaranteed Results

ePrep courses work. That’s why we guarantee them.

We've gathered a team of experts in standardized test preparation and internet technology to create the most innovative and effective program on the market.

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