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Our comprehensive package is designed to allow you to take advantage of all of our services at one low price. All of our Promise Package benefits are included as well as the additi ..
Let Parros College Planning help you make your filing process accurate and fast so you can have peace of mind that your eligibility for financial aid is the best it can be. Earnin ..
Many students view the college admissions essay as a stressful, defeating experience and are at a loss of what to write or how to write it. College admission officers want to get t ..
This is Parros College Planning's most popular package. We have complied our best sellers and put them together in an affordable bundle. Our comprehensive service is designed to a ..
Each year, the colleges must send the IRS what their average financial aid package looked like for their average, middle of the road, 50th percentile student. Although, it cannot g ..
YouScience Reveals Your True Strengths, Your Ideal Majors, and Your Best Career Choices. (Includes a one hour counselor review of results) What major to choose, where to go to ..