What We Do?

We focus on these primary areas…


Career Planning and School Selection.


Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants.


Proven College Funding Strategies.

The initial concern for most parents is “GETTING IN”. Only to find out that paying the bill is just as, if not, more important. In fact, the way you handle paying the tuition bill, can cause long term detrimental damage to your family’s finances down the road. At Parros College Planning we believe that getting your child into the right school and on the right career path are equally as important as lowering the overall costs and developing a proven college funding strategy to pay for it.


Career Guidance, College Selection, & Admissions.

By doing proper preliminary work, you can minimize the chances of being in college for more than four years. It is costly when the wrong major, wrong school, or a college where you “just don’t fit” are chosen.  Similar to visiting the Doctor, we will do some Academic Diagnostics to see where you are today and help you implement a plan to get you where you need to be in the future.  Our program includes:

  • Evaluation of grades, class standing & standardized test scores.
  • Personality assessments designed by one of the leading Industrial Psychologists in the country which will help you identify your possible Career interests, Majors and Colleges.
  • Detailed profiles of Colleges which you are interested in.
  • A review of your student resume of community service, leadership & other extra curricular activities.

Once potential colleges have been identified, positioning your student becomes the primary focus.  Our program includes:

  • How to position the Student to get onto the College’s Radar.
  • Task / Project Tracking for Various Deadlines.  There are Deadlines for Standardized Tests, Applications, and Financial Aid & Housing.   Each college may have several different application deadlines as well as Deadlines for Priority Financial Aid & Priority Housing.
  • Review admission applications and the student resume.
  • Guidance with FAFSA, CSS Profile and any college specific Financial Aid forms.
  • Evaluation of Financial Aid Packages, Appeal the Financial Award as appropriate and with the student & parent evaluate the Final College Choice.


How we help you lower the cost of college.

Once again, the Doctor must do a Diagnosis – this time it’s the family’s finances.   Our diagnosis includes:

  • An in-depth financial assessment of  family & student resources
  • Determination of your Estimated EFC Calculation (Expected Family Contribution) to determine the size of your “College Bill.”
  • Financial Aid Eligibility Analysis & Grant Analysis
  • Determination of the “Tax Capacity of your Student.” and how it can potentially save you money.


We develop a plan to pay for the rest of the college bill.

We will show you how to pay for as much of your college bill with BEFORE TAX DOLLARS.  Our plan will:

  • Identify areas for Tax Savings
  • Maximize Financial Aid, if Eligible
  • Calculate “Tax Scholarships” – Every new income tax deduction is the equivalent of receiving a “Tax Scholarship.”
  • Investigate areas for Cash Flow Enhancement
  • Determine how to best position Income & Assets for the College Years
  • Explore Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Evaluate Education Loans- What you need to know.
  • Facilitate implementation of a Detailed Funding Plan for the College Years
  • Research strategies that are “non-financial” but can create college savings.

At Parros College Planning our focus is on helping families with the academic and financial management of the college process.

We offer the following additional services to Students & Parents on an “As Needed” basis.

  • SAT & ACT Preparation
  • Review & Edit Admission Essays and Personal Statement
  • Review & Edit Student resume
  • Ivy League & Elite Colleges – We are networked with nationally recognized experts to assist the high achieving student.
  • Student-Athletes -We are networked with nationally recognized experts to assist the Student-Athlete
  • Special Needs Students
  • College Funding Strategies for Divorced Parents – Divorce prior to, or during, the college years can have an impact on your financial picture which may influence your Financial Aid.
  • College Funding Strategies for Grandparents – It is wonderful when family members offer to help the student but make sure they help the “right way.”  If done improperly it can negatively impact the student’s financial aid.
  • Death or Serious Illness in the Family

Parros College Planning believes that the best results occur when Parents, Students & Counselors all work together as a Team. If you & your student are serious about the future contact us, we want to work with you!


Parros College Planning is the place to go for advice, insight, and hands-on support. Wondering how to pay for college, reduce your tuition bill, or just get in?
Look no further than the ParrosCollegePlanning.com, you can easily schedule a consultation via, phone, web meeting, or face-to-face with a highly trained Certified College Funding Specialist®.