Meet The Team

Timothy Parros, Certified College Funding Specialist



Timothy C. Parros, a college funding specialist with over 30 years of experience in the industry, knows that the two biggest issues for his clients are retirement and paying for college. He noticed parents were struggling to find a way to pay for a college education without taking on a great deal of debt or dipping into their retirement resources. He began to look for other ways to advise his clients on paying for this important event in their lives and the result was forming Parros College Planning LLC.

Tim holds the title of Certified College Funding Specialist (CCFS®) from the Association of Certified College Funding Specialists. This designation has been recognized by FINRA and the Certified Financial Planner CFP® Board of Standards for continuing education credit. The CCFS® designation not only separates him from other advisors but also sets him apart from others that call themselves ‘’college planners.” This distinguishes him as having the highest level of competency, commitment, and ethics in the college planning profession.

He is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA). Membership in these organizations requires strict adherence to ethical codes. To date, Tim has participated in 150+ in-depth campus tours and has met with admissions and financial aid officers from across the country. He has coached over 1,000 students and families through the college selection and financial aid process, successfully helping them reach their goals with greater predictability and more confidence. His students have been accepted into colleges across every range of selectivity.

Tim’s expertise includes providing his clients with education and advice on financial aid, education savings plans, tax reduction strategies, cash flow enhancement, gifting and loan strategies, and most importantly how to get students into the college of their dreams.

Tim is married to Kim, who is also involved in college planning. Their son is a recent college graduate and they have two dogs, Sierra and Bindi. Since they have clients from all states in the US they spend their time in several locations including Michigan, Florida, and Montana.

Kim Parros


Kim Parros has lived in Sydney, Australia, and London, England. She has published her work in several journals and has also presented at several international conferences. While living in the UK, she was a business development manager for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and served as a member of the Design Council. Her expertise has always been business development, marketing, and product positioning. She feels that she uses all of these skills to help students understand how to market themselves to the college of their dreams. Kim also uses her writing and technical skills to approach the college application essay in a strategic way, showing students how to position their application essays.

For over 12 years, Kim has been part of the team at Parros College Planning that provides support for high school students. Her focus is on preparing the students for the ever-changing expectations of college admissions by keeping up to date with admission trends so that she can help their students to develop the best college essay possible. Kim also uses her vast amount of financial knowledge she has gained from her position at Parros Financial Group to assist the team with strategies surrounding how to pay for college with Parros College Planning. She partners with the staff and Tim when needed and is a critical team member as well as a great parent resource.

Lisa Schmidt


Lisa provides each of our students and their families with the personal attention that is essential to achieving the best college admissions experience. She is a licensed counselor through the state of Michigan and is a national board certified counselor. She has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, and a master’s degree in school counseling. She is a member of The Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling and The Michigan Counseling Association. Her experience in both college admissions and college counseling helps her to provide families with the tools to succeed beyond the application process.

In addition to her passion for helping students and parents navigate the college process, Lisa brings her skill and direct knowledge from advising high school students. She particularly enjoys helping students discover the wide variety of colleges and universities as they work toward finding the right school match. She understands what makes college a home, and has a passion for helping young people make the most of their college experience.

Lisa is the mother of three, her oldest is presently in college and her middle child is going through the college selection process currently.

Eli Eddy


Eli is an integral part of the Parros team and provides service as a financial assistant to Tim Parros and his clients while supporting the entire team. Eli’s reputation is one of integrity, reliability, and service. Parros College Planning has a philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical standards and building long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Eli is an essential addition to this approach.

Eli’s drive for continuous improvement makes him an asset in assisting Tim in creating robust financial plans for the group’s financial clients. In addition to helping with account services and technologies used regularly for client account maintenance, Eli also works with the Parros team to design Financial Plans to ensure that they are clear and understandable. While creating these plans, the client’s needs are considered first, and many other vital factors determine the best investment path for the client.

Eli is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Eli has a license in Life and Health and is currently studying to attain his series 7 license. He and his wife enjoy fitness and nutrition and apply minimalist values to both. They also like to spend time outdoors and give back to their community. Their priority is maintaining a relationship with their families, friends, and Christ. Eli spends his free time reading and studying the Bible with theological literature. He plans to implement his knowledge of finance and client relations into the Church to help change the community for the better.