Why Are We Different?

We’re different because our program gives you practical and proven solutions to the entire college preparation and funding process.

We have a unique college preparation program that helps your student manage their career choice and college selection, in order to maximize their success of graduating in four years…..

  • Choosing the right career path to avoid fields that offer little employment opportunity after graduation
  • Choosing the “right” college to avoid a 5-6 college degree
  • Finding private colleges that cost the same as a public, yet offer a better learning environment
  • Providing ACT/SAT test prep recommendations to dramatically increase scores
  • Guiding the student through the chaotic admissions process
  • Preparing your child to be an independent, mentally ready and functioning, college student
  • Avoiding the question, “Would my kid have done better if we could have afforded our first choice college?”

At the same time your student is being coached with the college entrance process, we use a trademarked financial process to analyze your financials and give you strategies that not only shows you how to potentially lower your cost, but also how to pay for your final tuition bill, without affecting your retirement or changing your current lifestyle, such as:

  • Providing shrewd ways to get colleges to offer your student grants and scholarships
  • Finding “tax scholarships” to get the IRS to fund some of your tuition bill
  • Borrowing money the “right way” to potentially slash thousands of dollars off your tuition bill
  • Restructuring your finances to find hidden money in your budget for college expenses
  • Reposition your assets to maximize grant-in-aid offers from colleges
  • Restructuring your debt to pay off your entire cost of college in record time

We show your kids how to get into college, we show you how to pay for it, and we hold your hand through the entire process! There’s no doubt about it… when you go through our college planning program… you come out saying, WOW!


Parros College Planning is the place to go for advice, insight, and hands-on support. Wondering how to pay for college, reduce your tuition bill, or just get in?
Look no further than the ParrosCollegePlanning.com, you can easily schedule a consultation via, phone, web meeting, or face-to-face with a highly trained Certified College Funding Specialist®.