Why Hire Us?

You’ll spend thousands of dollars for your kid’s college education…and it’s worth it.

But if you could find a professional that would…

  • Hold your child’s hand through the difficult academic and admissions process to ensure they end up attending the right college with the right career goal, and
  • Provide strategies that will potentially not only decrease your cost of college, but allow you to easily fund the balance of your tuition bill.
  • Show you how some college expenses may be paid with pre-tax dollars.
  • Prove that many students can potentially attend private institutions for the same or less money than state schools.
  • Tell you what you should and shouldn’t do to help ensure your child is offered the right kind of money.
  • Show you how to avoid common mistakes when paying for college.
  • Make college funding “rules” work for and not against you.
  • Assist you in staying on track for retirement and still implementing a college funding plan that makes sense.
  • Help you to complete the FAFSA and other requirements.

Would it be worth your time and money to hire an expert to do it? We can help you gain PEACE OF MIND as you make major college decisions for yourself and your family.


Parros College Planning is the place to go for advice, insight, and hands-on support. Wondering how to pay for college, reduce your tuition bill, or just get in?
Look no further than the ParrosCollegePlanning.com, you can easily schedule a consultation via, phone, web meeting, or face-to-face with a highly trained Certified College Funding Specialist®.