By Nate Laskey

Here at Parros College Planning, we like to acknowledge that every school has its unique traits that attract students from around the world to them. In some cases, these traits may be a hallmark of the school, and in other cases, they may be a lesser-known fact. Therefore, we will be exploring the outstanding and unique qualities that Central Michigan University (CMU) has to offer.

CMU offers a broadly diverse educational experience through its nationally recognized programs spanning the health professions, business, engineering, and more. The university also maintains the third best medical school within Michigan. However, it’s also worth noting another unique quality found outside of the classroom, and one example of this is the affordability of CMU due to its various financial aid opportunities.

During the current school cycle at CMU, any undergraduate student will have the same initial base tuition of approximately $25,646. This has been the case since 2018. The opportunity extends to every student, regardless of their degree level, whether they live in Michigan or out-of-state, or earn their degree in-person, online, or at one of its satellite locations. The unique base tuition helps eliminate some of the financial stresses associated with earning a college degree. 85-90 percent of CMU students receive financial assistance each year, which has increased by 87 percent since 2010. The generosity doesn’t end there, though. Totaling more than $290 million, CMU offers financial aid via scholarships, federal loans, Pell grants, work-study, and more.

The extent of the scholarships offered at CMU ranges from merit-based to talent scholarships, with students being supported with upwards of $60 million in university-funded annual assistance. Furthermore, more than $300 million in private and federal financial awards/grants are distributed. However, CMU’s generosity should not discourage students from aiming for the top. Students coming out of high school with strong GPA or test scores are top qualifiers for automatic financial awards. If your student is interested, they can even join CMU’s Honors Program and receive what the university calls “extensive scholarships” to “aim higher and achieve more … meaningfully.” There are two levels of merit-based scholarships. Incoming freshmen with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7, a composite ACT score of 27 and upwards, or an SAT score of 1260 and above have the opportunity to apply for a Centralis Scholar Award or a Centralis Gold Award. While the Gold Award includes benefits such as admission to the CMU Honors Program and full tuition coverage for all four years of undergraduate study, the Scholar Award offers full tuition and covers fees for room and board for the duration of your student’s undergraduate study. Other merit-based scholarships include the Maroon and Gold scholarships. Not only do these scholarships cover between 20% to 65% of tuition, or 30 credits every academic year, but they can do so for all four years and increase as tuition increases once students begin their higher-level courses.

It is important to note that CMU’s scholarships are not limited to in-state or even American students! International undergraduate students who do not currently reside in Michigan can earn a cost reduction of approximately 50 percent through the President’s Award scholarship program.
The benefits of CMU’s financial aid do not end after graduation. The average student loan debt for CMU students is approximately $27,000, with 9 in 10 graduates being employed in their field or pursuing higher education within six months of graduating. Here at Parros College Planning, we want to help you take the next step in pursuing the college that’s the right fit for you!

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