Personalized College Planning Report

Each year, the colleges must send the IRS what their average financial aid package looked like for their average, middle of the road, 50th percentile student. Although, it cannot guarantee what your aid package will look like, it provides a great gauge into seeing what a school has done in the past. Tim uses a specially designed web-based software that allows him to quickly and easily identify colleges where the student may be able to Get Into College and Get Aid™, and which colleges the family can afford based on the personal resources the family can pledge for college education. We will review with you college selection, financial aid, tax aid and the use of the family’s personal resources to pay for college.

This process allows the parent to look at the big picture when searching for colleges and gives them the ability to search for colleges based on admissibility and affordability.

We will provide quick and easy answers to these important questions:

  1. Your child’s likelihood of admission at colleges and universities nationwide
  2. What your child’s estimated aid eligibility is at those colleges
  3. If you qualify for the American Opportunity Tax Credit worth $2,500 per year
  4. Which colleges your family can afford based on your personal resources
  5. What student loans will your child need and how much is too much