Madeline Riley

The college admissions system can seem like it’s built to confuse you. The application process is arduous, the financial planning complex, and the time commitment extreme for 17-year-olds and their families. Even more daunting is the fact that students far younger than application age are expected to be curating class schedules, extracurricular activities, and work experience that will place them in the best position to get into the best universities possible.

The plain truth is this: students are competing for top placements in college as early as the seventh grade. In a realm as complicated as higher education, expecting students as young as 12, and their parents, to navigate this world and prepare adequately for college is unrealistic. This is where college planners come in to simplify the process and reduce your stress.

The following four points show the greatest advantages of working with a college planner:

  1. They save you and your family time

    “Parros College Planning worked with my son to suggest and explore colleges that might not have been on his initial list. They met with him, on a number of occasions, listened to his interests and ideas about his desired college experience and with their vast knowledge and experience suggested universities…I am using Parros College planning again with my second son now.”

    Rose Ramy, mother of a Parros student

    Shifting through the plethora of information on colleges, degree options, and career paths is an enormous time commitment. In a climate where the mystique of college continues to grow, but high school counselors lack adequate time to devote to each of their hundreds of students, college planners are a vital competitive advantage. With a college planner, you have access to experts with vast knowledge in the field.

    At Parros, our college counselors minimize your time searching through potential options by matching you with universities and majors that fit best with your interests and skill sets. We use your GPA, test scores, and past experiences to align you with schools looking for students like you. We also are part of networks of college planning professionals and top tier universities, allowing us to give you the most recent information. Finally, we keep students on track by managing your deadlines. Less time spent by students and their families searching for these options, means more time studying, perfecting applications, and best of all, relaxing.

  2. They help you get into your dream school

    “They helped us navigate the college application process and financial aid forms…They were also an invaluable resource for reviewing and commenting on all the important essays that were required for just about every application.”

    Gary Mekjian, father of a Parros student

    Perhaps college planners’ biggest asset is their ability to prep you for pre-college endeavors that are essential to getting in. The earlier students start planning, the better their chances of getting into their top-choice college.

    At Parros, we ready students for the ACT and SAT, suggest activities to explore in high school that align with your interests, and work with your family to create a pathway that will increase your likelihood of getting into the schools of your choice. Additionally, we are here to help extensively with applications. Need you application essays edited? We can help. Review of your resume? We can help. Questions about recruiting and scholarships for student athletes? We are here to help with these efforts and much more.

  3. They help you lower the cost

    “It was important for us as first timers to have the input and guidance of Parros… The Parros team was enormously helpful in guiding us as we negotiated the financial aid and scholarship offers with the college that became our daughter’s first choice.”

    Deborah Gordon-Gurfinkel, mother of a Parros student

    Assuming a blank check from a parent or a full ride scholarship is beyond your grasp, considering all other financing options is important. Whether you’ll take out student loans, use your savings, or work like a dog throughout your college experience, college planners can help you organize your finances.

    Parros can plan realistically for your future studies by assessing your family’s resources and determining your Estimated EFC (Expected Family Contribution) to gauge the size of your “college bill.” We’ll also analyze what financial aid you could likely receive and search for grants that could provide you with further resources. From debt reduction strategies, to analyzing “tax scholarships,” to facilitating a detailed financial plan for the college years, Parros will carry you through the entire process.

  4. It works!

    “Parros helped my daughter Emma get into many colleges and explore how to pay for her education. In the end, she is at Eastern Michigan University paying half the price of tuition to get her bachelor’s in nursing. We could not have done it without them!”

    Scott Burek, father of a Parros student

    Investing in a college planner is a big commitment, but in the long run, paying for the guidance is worth the cost. Students who receive help from college planners are more likely to get into one of their top-choice colleges, and more likely to pay less for their education.

    College planning has become an invaluable resource, which helps students realize their true potential in not only achieving admission to their dream university, but also challenging themselves and preparing for the future while still in high school. At Parros, we’ve had many students go on to great success at university, and are determined to help many more realize their college dreams.

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