By Lisa Schmidt

Michigan Technological University is one of the only colleges in the state of Michigan offering on campus tours this August. I recently got the opportunity to be shown around by the Director of Admissions, Kyle Rubin, and this is what I took away from my visit.

Located in the city of Houghton in the upper peninsula of Michigan, MTU’s campus has a relaxed, rural feel. If you like the snow, Michigan Tech must be on your college list. The student body causes the population of Houghton to grow by 50% every fall making it the ideal college town. There are 7,000 residents in the Houghton/Hancock area with an additional 7,000 MTU students during the school year.

MTU is known for its strong STEM programs. It was founded to increase the technical workforce needed during the copper mining boom of the 1800’s and evolved to become a national leader in producing highly recruited engineers. Currently, 60% of MTU’s undergraduates are studying engineering. However, university also specializes in the arts, humanities, social sciences, business, economics, computing, forestry, and environmental science.

The acceptance rate of approximately 74% doesn’t reflect the academic rigor that students experience on campus. The strong community of students, collaborative environment, small class sizes, and the college administration’s commitment to help all students succeed makes it the ideal environment for success.

Every dorm has a game room, weight room, work out area, sauna, study space, free laundry, and common areas with a fireplace and kitchen. There are over 250 clubs and activities including skiing, snowboarding, Greek life, broomball, division I hockey, and division II football, volleyball and basketball.

Some other unique things I learned from my visit.

Safest Campus in the Nation

#1 Median Early Career Pay – $66,400
Highest in the state among public colleges and #12 in the nation

The College of Computing
A new school created this year. It’s the only one in the state of Michigan

One of the Largest Career Fairs
Every year, 1700 recruiters from over 415 companies and organizations come to the Keweenaw Peninsula to recruit students. Career coaches help students polish resumes and practice interviewing.

Students of any major work in teams on real projects, with real clients, in an environment that’s more like a business than a classroom. With coaching and guidance from faculty mentors, 24 Enterprise teams work to invent products, provide services, and pioneer solutions.

Personal Ski Hill
MTU has their own ski hill across the waterway. There is an abundance of outdoor activities to participate in. Students at MTU learn to embrace winter and find fun ways to compete in and enjoy the snow.

Technology Focus
Ambitious, creative and STEM focused students attend MTU. Not just STEM majors are offered, but all majors are influenced by technology.

Strong Faculty
91% of faculty are full time. Students here are taught by full time professors for the majority of their classes.

Below is a link to a MTU alumni’s experience that I encourage you to check out as well!

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