For younger students who are just beginning to think about their future and applying to college, the thing on the minds of most parents is how to pay for the college their child might be dreaming about. This is where academics and extracurricular activities come into play. For many students the financial aspect has yet to cross their minds. Many of them don’t consider the financial implications of attending an out of state, private, or Ivy League university. Though parents fear the unavoidable tuition rates, many think that the time to consider the financial factors should be once their child decides where he/she would like to apply. This is not the case. To avoid the confusion, and the huge shock wave that washes over most of us, preparation is the key.

Parros College Planning can help you find the most cost effective resources for getting your student into the college of his/her dreams. There are countless resources available for students to enhance their application and we want to help you find the ones right for your child. Whether it’s SAT Subject Tests, ACT prep courses, or career placement tests, we can help show you where to spend your money to prepare your kids to be college ready.

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