The services that Parros College Planning offers appeared in a Bridge Magazine article written by Ron French entitled “Lack of college guidance keeps poor and rural students from applying.” This article addresses the challenge of college preparation and application for students who lack adequate guidance tools. The process of “grooming” students has become an increasingly important step in the college preparation process and Parros College Planning seeks to provide a set of services to help students get the guidance and focus they need to get into the school of their choice.

“We assist our students to build their resume to present during their campus tours,” said Timothy Parros.“We provide other services after the application process including mock interviews that are videotaped, so we can study them and give on the spot feedback. We fill out the FAFSA (the federal financial aid form used by most colleges to determine eligibility for aid), although the FAFSA is free we find that our clients prefer that we will it on for them to minimize any errors they may make.

For parents, the challenge of knowing where to spend their money in order to prepare their kids for college acceptance and decision making is one of the hardest parts of the college process. “Getting into school now is a strategy. We like to build a strategy in ninth or 10th grade. If a student says, “ I want to go to an Ivy League college like Duke or Harvard, we’re going to groom that child differently from a student whose goal is to go to a non Ivy,” Timothy added. College Planning provides an individualized road map for students and parents in selecting tutoring and extracurricular resources that will help them achieve their goals. “It’s an expensive game,” says Tim Parros, “and if you don’t know how to play, you’re going to lose.”

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