Parros College Planning announced the winners of their 3rd annual student scholarship contest. The winners, who tied for first place, were both awarded $300.00, they are Emily Herold and Jimmy Fortuna-Peak, both 2018 graduates of Dexter High School. To apply for the scholarship, students submitted self-made YouTube videos explaining how the staff at Parros College Planning helped them throughout their college planning journey. They were encouraged to not just describe their experiences, but to be creative and make their videos personal and meaningful to them, explaining how they ended up choosing the colleges they did. These colleges are the University of Minnesota (Emily) and the University of Oregon (Jimmy).

Emily Herold

In high school, Emily was involved in Dexter’s drumline and the drama club’s pit orchestra. In addition to her musical involvement, Emily also played tennis and ran cross country. In her free time, Emily loves to draw and paint, ski, listen to music, and travel. As she travels over to Minnesota this fall, Emily plans to study architecture. She wants to continue her drumline involvement by playing tenors in the Minnesota drumline and marching band, and also plans to join the skiing and snowboarding club.

Jimmy Fortuna-Peak

Jimmy was also involved in sports at Dexter High School, playing varsity football, varsity rugby, and running varsity track. His love of fitness is present throughout his personal life as well, as he is currently training for a triathlon in his free time (when he is not engaging in film criticism at the local theater). He also was an editor of his school newspaper, The Squall, and he is considering joining the school newspaper at the University of Oregon. He hopes to join a club sports team there as well. Inside the classroom, Jimmy plans to study either advertising or public relations, and he will be living in the Media and Social Action residential community.

Please check out their winning videos here:

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