It was this time last year when we first shared Emmett’s story of admission to Johns Hopkins University in our Student Corner. Emmett was getting ready to go to college and he shared his thoughts about his school selection and how much Parros College Planning helped him throughout the admission process. We were both proud, and excited, for Emmett to begin his journey and we thought that it would be a great idea to follow up with him and explore his freshman year at Johns Hopkins.

One common theme we have heard from our returning students is that freshman year is a time of adjustment. It’s not just the obvious things that are different: new room-mate, shared bathrooms, cafeteria food, it’s also getting used to a new style of teaching. Every class may be different and every professor’s approach to teaching are unique to them. Emmett handled all of this with success but he was quick to point out that is was not always easy.

Keep in mind that, not only did Emmett select an academically challenging college, he was also on the football team!

“I feel that my freshman year went very well. I was able to adapt to both a new football workload and school curriculum right away and only hit a few rough patches during the year”, Emmett stated as we began to discuss his successes. “With hard work I was able to achieve the Dean’s List both semesters along with becoming a starter on the football team. It was a lot to handle, but I felt prepared for the majority of it. At first itI was a challenge to find my way around campus, it took me a couple weeks until I stopped using a map. I did get lost a few times but now I feel I know that campus as well as I know my hometown”.

Emmett attended Saline High School and was a member of multiple varsity sports teams as well as being in the top 10 of his class. When we asked how high school compared to college he stated that the only difference he saw was the amount of class work there was.

“All the time management techniques such as using a planner/calendar and staying ahead in classes still work in college. The only difference is you have to apply these tactics to a greater amount of work, which can seem daunting at first. But once you get into a groove and you realize your limits, you can adapt quickly to the heavier workload”.

Emmett’s major is mechanical engineering and he fell in love with the major his first year. It was during this time that he had two labs that allowed him to take problems learned in the classroom, and apply them physically, not just on paper.

“That sold it for me. Actually taking a problem in your hands and crafting a solution will never cease to satisfy me”, stated Emmett with passion in his voice.

We look forward to the next three years for Emmett and are equally excited to help all of our students achieve the goal of attending their dream college.

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