My decision to move across the country to attend the University of California, Los Angeles was one that I contemplated very extensively. Moving across the nation meant being independent and taking on burdens I was not familiar with. What also came with moving to Los Angeles was the chance to explore pockets of a new city and create lasting connections with individuals I just met. My decision to uproot myself from my hometown, Ann Arbor, proved to be very gratifying as it has allowed me to navigate this new chapter of my life independently and seek opportunities without the help of others. Being at this campus and being surrounded by so many individuals whom I share common interests with, has encouraged me to break out of my shell. Furthermore, all of these shifts in my life have allowed me to be passionate about my studies and excel academically.

If it were not for Parros College Planning, I would not have been afforded all of the opportunities that came my way within the last year. Working with them allowed me to consider my college choices and to make the best one for me!

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