By Aimee Nemeth and Lisa Schmidt

A 2018 graduate of Brighton High School, Megan Nuffer, didn’t necessarily know what her future had in store. In February of 2017, her family enrolled her with Parros College Planning to seek guidance and answers toward a successful college career.

Armed with just the vague idea that she wanted to go to college, but not where or how, Megan sat down with our college specialist; and together, they broke down elements that made Megan a unique applicant and student.

“The most memorable thing about Parros College Planning in my opinion is how much more
comfortable I felt while making this tough decision in my life,” Megan, now a freshman at Michigan State University, told us. “They showed me how many opportunities and choices I really had that I would never imagine myself being able to do.”

Megan told us that she loved that our college counselor, Lisa Schmidt, was available “almost 24/7” whenever Megan had a question or concern about her progress. Our unique “student portal” also provides quick contact with any member of the Parros College Planning team, from essays to finances any time of day.

When asked about whether or not she would recommend Parros College Planning to friends or family, Megan was enthusiastic in her response.

“Oh, most definitely,” she replied. “They were very very helpful. Having my student portal available to me, and so easy to use, made it very easy to compare schools and to see prices. Lisa was also very flexible with times for meetings. She made it very easy to communicate and meet by offering video chats as an option and also she offered to drive to alternate locations to make it easier for me with my busy high school schedule of varsity sports practices and loads of homework.”

In addition to the application process itself, funding for school can be challenging for students and parents alike, especially when they’re applying for FAFSA for the first time. While Parros College Planning helped Megan and her family fill out the appropriate paperwork for her freshman year, she was relieved to have the team on her side when she filled it out for her sophomore year.

“Megan was a pleasure to work with. In order to find the best fit school it is important for the student to do the necessary work.” Lisa Schmidt recalled about her experiences with Megan. “I suggested schools that I believed would be great for Megan, and she ran with the ideas.”

Megan is currently a Computer Science major, though that may be changing in the near future as she takes more classes and gains more experience. When asked what she was most nervous about before starting college, she confessed that most of her friends had gone to different schools, and she was a little anxious about starting alone.

While we can’t help students with adjustments on campus, Parros College Planning can take the rest of the stress away. We take your student in as a whole individual, not just a generic applicant, and make them a part of the Parros College Planning family. With our services ranging from SAT/ACT prep, essay help, FAFSA assistance, and more, we strive to help families and their college-bound students make the best education decision possible.

“They guided me to the best choices and helped me narrow them down to my final choices, and they made sure I knew that this was my own decision. They made me feel so comfortable while choosing which school to attend, when I was terrified to make this change in my life.”

We’re so glad to hear things have been going well with Megan at MSU!

“Our clients are coming to us from referrals from their friends and we are happy that we can help so many families in the important decisions that their child faces. Applying to college can be difficult given all of the choices and the types of applications and we would love to help your child in this process,” said Timothy Parros.

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