We know that student athletes who not only have amazing academic records but are also incredible athletes are faced with a different set of challenges throughout the college application and selection process. Luckily, Parros College Planning has experience working with student athletes and overcoming the challenges that they encounter. A perfect example of this is Emmett Turner, a 2018 graduate of Saline High School, who will be playing football at Johns Hopkins.

Being a member of multiple varsity sports teams and remaining in the top 10 of his class was no easy feat, and at some points Emmett was playing two varsity sports while being in two AP classes and two other honors courses. Managing that type of workload is very difficult, and when asked for advice on how to maintain success in both areas, Emmett suggested “get a planner, calendar, or something to plan out your weeks with and use it religiously. My motto when it comes to balancing both school and sports is if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

Even students who are as self-motivated as Emmett can benefit immensely from working with college planners. Reflecting on how Parros was able to help him through his application process, he explained “When you first start the college process, it is just constant waves of essays, applications, and busy work. Parros College Planning is your boat. They help you navigate those waves with knowledge from past students, inside information on scholarships and essays, and much more. They make you getting into the school you desire their first priority.”

He continued, “I knew that even though I did a lot of extracurriculars, most kids applying to the schools I applied to did the same things. So, with the wisdom of Parros College Planning, I looked up each school’s specific engineering programs. With this knowledge, I would write my essays intertwining my personal life with their programs to show my full commitment to their school.” Helping students stand out from other similar applicants and show their dedication to the schools they apply to are just two of the ways Parros College Planning uses their expertise to place their students above the rest.

When the application results finally rolled in, Emmett faced a challenging decision that many other student athletes face: whether to fulfill your dream of playing at the most athletically competitive schools or to take an offer from a less athletically competitive school that is better for you academically. “This part was very hard,” he admits. “Ever since I was a kid, the dream was always to play Division 1 football and go to the pros. And at first, I was turning down Division 3 schools just because they were not D1. However, after talking with my parents and Parros College Planning, I decided that I didn’t want to sacrifice my next 40 years of my life to fulfill a dream for 4 years. Johns Hopkins gives me both the sport I love and the academic tools to be successful out of college. There is little more I could ask for.”

This decision is just one example of the many complex questions that might arise when trying to determine the perfect college for you. Answering these questions on your own is completely overwhelming and sometimes simply impossible. With the help of the highly trained staff, Parros College Planning can help you consider every possible option and be sure that you end up at the right school for you.

We are so happy for Emmett and excited for him to start his journey at a school he describes as “the perfect mix of both fun and work that fits me the best.” The staff at Parros College Planning want to help every student find the school that fits them best. Schedule your free consultation today and see how they can help you, too.

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