By Aimee Nemeth and Tim Parros

We at Parros College Planning were very happy when Skylyr Zink enrolled in our program as a 9th grader. He was young, but we were glad he started with us early so we could help him plan his class schedule and start him thinking about college. We also have a great relationship with Manchester High School and work with their counselors closely, helping many Manchester students. This relationship helped us maximize our ability to assist Skylyr through the college planning process. We made sure everyone was onboard with the direction we were taking. In the end we were very excited when Skylyr accepted his offer to enroll at Albion College to be a part of the Ford Institute and play football.

The Ford Institute, officially called the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, was created by President Ford at Albion College in 1977 and attracts students that are interested in public policy and advocating for the greater good.

Reflecting back on his high school career, Skylyr was quick to point out that Parros College Planning helped guide him, selecting high school classes that would best fit for his future; as well as encouraged him to dual enroll at Washtenaw Community College where he received college credits as a high school student. Skylyr knew before starting with Parros that he wanted to take advanced classes, and the team at Parros were able to point him in the right direction.

“I would say the very beginning of the process was the most memorable. Just trying to get to know each other and my goals so they could help me to their fullest,” he recalled when asked about memorable portions of the program.

“Skylyr made a big impression at our office the day he came in for his first meeting. He was only a freshmen but walked in wearing a suit ready to take on the world. I knew he was a go getter from the first time I met him and he did not disappoint”, Lisa Schmidt PCP college counselor.

Four years later, he admits he was nervous about starting college because he didn’t necessarily know what to expect in terms of a work load.

“I was probably most worried about the difficulty of the classes when starting college, because I walked through high school and did well,” he explained to us. Unsurprisingly, Skylyr is doing incredibly well at Albion College.

Skylyr is currently in the Honors program, and a member of the Gerald R. Ford Institute class of 2022. While he doesn’t have to have a declared major until the end of his sophomore year, he is confident he’ll be choosing Political Science with a focus on Pre-Law.

When asked about his experiences with Parros College Planning, Skylyr told us that Parros College Planning provided significant help with selecting and applying to multiple colleges, “I think that they were very beneficial in getting me into college, preparing me for the SAT, and helping me with my resume and essays.”

Skylyr recommends that students starting high school, or are currently freshmen or sophomores in high school, consider working with Parros College Planning.

“Parros College Planning helped me tremendously. Their help with the FASFA was huge. It was always nice to have a second or third opinion on the things I was doing.”

We enjoy all of our students, and are very happy that some continue to keep us updated on their successes years after they graduate from college. We will be looking forward to seeing everything that Skylyr accomplishes in his life! Keep in mind that our College Application Program will help your student navigate the complex college admissions process, from creating a school list to producing stand-out college application essays. Please feel free to contact us for a review of your current college situation.

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