The most rewarding part of the work done at Parros is helping students build their college list to assist them in their search for the perfect school for them. We make sure that the colleges on their balanced list are good academic, social, and financial fits. We stress the importance of choosing colleges that meet the students’ needs, both inside and outside of the classroom; this way, they will have a variety of colleges to choose from where they can be happy and successful. Case in point is what our client Samantha Klozik, a 2018 graduate of Salem High School, found out first hand. She is attending King’s College in New York City. Through intensive work on her application, balancing academics with her desire to play collegiate level volleyball, and the help of Parros to make the school affordable for her, Samantha ended up a school she describes as her “dream school hiding in the shadows all this time.”

The school has only 700 students, which is incredibly small for a college, even smaller than most high schools. For some students, a large university is necessary, while others benefit from a smaller and closer knit community. It is crucial that students end up at a school that is the right size for them, and through her work with Parros, Samantha has done just that. As she says, “It’s a very small community in one of the biggest cities. This means that while I experience the world, I will be learning on my own terms.”

When asked what helped her stand out in the application process, Samantha believes it was her deep knowledge of the applications she filled out and the voice she was able to insert in her writing. “Knowing it was my strongest tool, I took that and embellished my narratives. Being able to recognize my strengths gives the colleges a reason to want to add me into their student body.” Discovering what makes you unique can often be difficult when doing it alone. Parros’s trained staff are experts at this, and can help students like Sam identify and highlight their strengths to show colleges that they would be a vital addition to their campus.

A roadblock Sam encountered when first considering King’s College was it’s steep price of admission. After knowing the school would be a good fit for her, Sam worked tirelessly with Parros to make the school an affordable reality. “My next step was to hunt for financial aid,” she said. “Luckily through test scores, lots and lots of scholarships (and some begging), I found a way to make this school a real possibility.” There is almost always more money available to students than they are aware of, but it can be impossible to unlock on your own. Parros’s staff can help find that extra money and increase the amount of schools you could afford, giving you more options and solidifying your path toward the perfect school for you.

Since Sam already began her time at King’s College, she has already gotten confirmation that she chose the right school. “In my first two weeks in the dorms I have found countless study groups and girls who invite me in with open arms (and cookies). This also means the alumni adore current students, making the big apple a little bit smaller.” She is really looking forward to her classes, saying “My school demands a lot of it’s students and rather than being afraid of that, I am excited and embracing the challenge. Plenty of students have done it before me, why shouldn’t I?”

We are so proud of Sam and so glad we got to be a part of her journey toward a school that challenges and excites her. Now it’s your turn! We want to help you find a school that does the same for you. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today and take your first step toward your dream school.

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